Our production process and materials

Our puzzles are laser cut and engraved by a professional manufacturer, from sheets of extruded acrylic. Contrary to cast acrylic, using extruded acrylic ensures that each puzzle piece has beautiful, flame-polished edges.

The boxes are printed by the same manufacturer and are made of cardboard. They are slightly larger than the puzzles to give some room to store puzzle pieces when they are jumbled. 

Some dimensions in a row:

  • Acrylic is a strong and scratch-resistant material. The strength needed to snap a puzzle piece is comparable to snapping a wooden pencil. Shattered acrylic does not have sharp edges. If a piece were to break, then your puzzle increases in difficulty :)
  • All our puzzles are shipped with a protective stickers applied. This is to keep the parts from gathering dirt during production and transport. You'll need to peel this off on both sides before starting to puzzle. 
  • Once assembled, every puzzle is 15x15 cm wide, 2 cm deep, and weighs approximately 450 grams.
  • Every puzzle comes with assorted nuts and bolts, which you can use to assemble the layers. 
  • Acrylic is a type of plastic; it can safely be licked, but not really eaten. Some of the parts have sharp corners, keep them away from very small children.