Radically different puzzles

The Astronaut

As far as selfies go, it doesn't get much cooler than "Here's me hovering in front of the Moon". 

This puzzle is all about circles: Nearly every single piece is a circle with smaller circles cut out.

Apart from being the cutest, it's fittingly also the easier one of the series. Still pretty tough though.

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The Satellite

When we hear satellite nets; don't we all think of hexagonal energy matrices crackling in the sky?

This puzzle is made entirely of hexagons in a few ever so slightly different sizes. 

If you're tired of solving puzzles too fast, this is definitely the one for you.

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The Constellation

What is it with star systems and flying pyramids?

This puzzle is mostly one giant tangram; but the triangles have small interlocking circles along the edges to help you out a little.

We should warn you, this may drive you insane.

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The Space collection

More layers, more fun

Every puzzle is composed of three layers. 

In this photo: The layers that form the Rainbow Astronaut.

I love how these puzzles double as a decorative element in our home!


An all-new way to spend a frustrating evening with our family.


I just remembered why I hate puzzles.