• They double as home decoration

    All of our puzzles stand upright by themselves, so you can display them right after finishing!

    They are made with high quality acrylic, giving them an incomparable shiny factor.

    Our production process and materials 
  • They are layered and reversible

    Every piece is reversible, and every puzzle has three layers. This makes for a pretty hard challenge, even though there's only around 50 pieces to each puzzle. It took our mom a good afternoon to solve one.

    Dive into the puzzle mechanics 
  • Kickstarter-tested and creator friendly

    Some of our images are from older models, which we tested in a succesful kickstarter a while ago. We no longer sell them, but if you have a lasercutter, we've uploaded detailed instructions and templates here.

    Dive into our kickstarter history 
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About Scattered

With the space collection, we are happy to present you with the first-ever factory-made puzzles of our brand! Contrary to the kickstarter edition, they now also ship in colorful, printed boxes.

Get them while they're hot - our apartment warehouse only has 50 of each model in stock!

Follow us on instagram - we're always happy to hear ideas for the next collection.